Good Nutrition

Planning menus and grocery shopping can be come more of a burden with age. Atterdag Village has an in-house Executive Chef who prepares healthy, nutritious meals.


Being surrounded by like-minded seniors to share the events of the day can have a tremendous impact on one’s mental and emotional well-being. The informal conversations and gatherings that happen every day give senior living residents an opportunity to build their circle of friends and feel less alone.

Life Enrichment Programs

Activities that take place at Atterdag Village every day are designed to engage the body, mind and spirit.

Wellness Opportunities

Atterdag Wellness Program is an important piece of a healthy lifestyle. The program gives residents the opportunity to participate in a variety of group classes, workout independently or have a personal trainer and talk with a wellness professional about living their best life.

Increased Safety and Security Features

Atterdag Village is designed for accessibility and mobility, with ramps, flat thresholds, hand railings, and grab bars. No need to worry about struggling to contact help. Emergency call pendants are used to notify staff immediately. In the event of an emergency Atterdag Village has a disaster plan in place and staff prepared to assist and help residents.

Lower Stress

Ask any senior who lives alone in an older home, and they will tell you it can be stressful. Even if they hire someone to help with housekeeping and maintenance, keeping everything coordinated is a lot of work. Giving up these responsibilities and moving to Atterdag Village can help decrease a senior’s stress and improve their quality of life.