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Who We Serve

A non-profit organization created to support low-income and home-bound seniors. Atterdag at Home provides affordable social, educational, and practical day-to-day resources and services to assist with aging at home with dignity and pride.

Serving Our Community

Monday through Friday, we provide meals and services to seniors throughout the Santa Ynez Valley, including Solvang, Ballard, Santa Ynez, and Los Olivos. We continue our “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” tradition, supporting low-income and home-bound seniors for over 50 years.

Serving Our Community

Santa Ynez Valley Seniors need you. Your gift will help us support the local programs that keep seniors safe and living independently


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“There are no words to express how grateful I am for your Atterdag at Home Meals on Wheels Program. For the past two-plus years, the meals have been an absolute Godsend! Your care for my mom, taking her to doctor and urgent care appointments, was a blessing to her and me. We appreciate you and all you do!”

Ann M. (Family)

“You are such a blessing to so many people. God put you in the perfect spot to love on seniors and the volunteers you work with!”

Bev C. (Volunteer)

“Thank you so much for serving in our wonderful community. Julie has made friends with all the wonderful volunteers who deliver her meals. I appreciate their kindness to her.”

Cathy H. (Family)

“Please thank all the wonderful people involved with the Atterdag at Home Program. We enjoyed the experience, and all our visitors are wonderful!”

Jane M. (Client)

The Atterdag at Home Meals on Wheels Program is amazing! Please use our contribution to support it. We appreciate all you do!

Anne H. (SYV Community Member)

“I have volunteered for Atterdag at Home Meals on Wheels for over three years. Delivering a route takes a couple of hours, and the seniors appreciate it very much!! It is a way for homebound seniors to get a hot, cooked meal and have social contact with others. I’ve met so many nice people through volunteering. Just a few hours out of a day can mean so much to someone else!”

Nancy S. (Volunteer)

“We began volunteering at the beginning of COVID-19. It’s been a rewarding and heartwarming experience. Although we didn’t see most clients during COVID-19, many would say thank you and call out their appreciation upon hearing the knock on the door. Karen Brown has been amazing, knowing every client’s needs and personalities. This is such a valuable program.”

Sid and Karen G. (Volunteers)

“Bill and I love delivering meals to seniors in our beautiful Santa Ynez Valley! We have been delivering for ten years and have no plans to stop. We missed being able to have more contact with those receiving meals during COVID-19, but we knew how important it was to continue being sure to smile, wave, and talk through the window! We consider it an honor and blessing to volunteer and for all those involved in this special program.”

Bill and Kelley B. (Volunteers)

“It has been such a pleasure to volunteer for the Atterdag at Home Meals on Wheels Program. The time spent volunteering is so small, and the rewards are so great. Those being served by the program are so appreciative, and for some, it is their only contact with others. Some make a point of thanking you in person. It is time well spent.”

Mary Ellen R. (Volunteer)

“I started receiving meals in January 2017. I am pleased with the meals; they are good and are good for me! The volunteers are on time and always knock to let me know my meal is delivered! I depend on my meals and the service Atterdag at Home provides.”

Fred M. (Client)

“Another wonderful organization for our beautiful Santa Ynez Valley.”

Gretchen H. (Client)

“I like the meals and have been a client since 2020, but most of all, I enjoy seeing the volunteers and visiting. Plus, I am at the end of the route and get any extra items left!! I can’t thank you enough for being such an essential part of my day!

Dick S. (Client)

Our Impact

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How You Can Help

Experience the joy, purpose, and fulfillment as an Atterdag at Home Volunteer, Donor, or Professional Service Provider by making a difference and positively impacting the health and well-being of the seniors of our community.





Professional Services


Atterdag At Home
Meals on Wheels

Making a difference one delivery at a time. Atterdag at Home delivers hot, nutritious meals through our volunteer-based Meals on Wheels program to low-income and home-bound seniors. Deliveries are made Monday through Friday throughout the Santa Ynez Valley, including Solvang, Ballard, Santa Ynez, and Los Olivos,

Meals on Wheels


Through the People Who Care Scholarships, we are enhancing the quality of life of seniors in our community. Financial scholarships will provide eligible low-income seniors with home support services, including personal care support, housecleaning, handyman services, and transportation.

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About Us


Neighbors Helping Neighbors



To provide home-bound seniors with affordable social, educational, and practical day-to-day resources and services to assist with aging at home with dignity and pride.


Our Story

Meals on Wheels, a testament to Hazel Sechler’s vision and dedication, was started in 1968. Recognizing the pressing need for such a program in the Santa Ynez Valley, Hazel meticulously studied and drew inspiration from similar initiatives across the state. Her vision and dedication were the driving forces behind the establishment of this vital program, inspiring many to follow in her footsteps.

Hazel’s first task was to find a kitchen facility large enough to prepare meals and offer dietary services for individuals with special needs. She approached Jerry McConnell, the Solvang Lutheran Home administrator, with her plan. He was supportive and thrilled about the idea, a sentiment shared by the entire community. He offered the use of the Home’s kitchen facility and the expertise of their dietician. Hazel, driven by her unwavering dedication, ran the program for 19 years before she decided to move; it was hard to say farewell to her “baby.”

Barbara Cirone, equally dedicated, took over the program for 28 years and ran the coordination of volunteers from her garage. In 2016, after years of dedicated service, Barbara Cirone decided to retire. Faced with finding a successor, she approached Chris Parker, the current administrator of Atterdag Village of Solvang (formerly Solvang Lutheran Home). Recognizing the essential role of Meals on Wheels for homebound seniors, veterans, and those unable to care for themselves, Chris hired Karen Brown as the program’s director, ensuring its continued success. The program’s impact on the community is undeniable, a testament to the enduring spirit of community service.

Board of Directors

Bil CironeBio

Karen Brown, a Michigan native, is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Business. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to own and operate a local restaurant and gift shop in Solvang, showcasing her business acumen and passion for community engagement. She then transitioned to managing the Atterdag Village Serendipity Shoppe. Following the closure of the Serendipity Shoppe, Karen assumed the role of Director at Atterdag at Home, a non-profit organization that provides home bound seniors with services, including Meals on Wheels. Her diverse experience and leadership have been instrumental in the growth and expansion of this program.

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Atterdag at Home partners with area non-profits to support local homebound seniors.